Sunday, December 07, 2008

Vintage 1968 Happy New Year Paper Napkins

What a find! This really brings back memories of 40 years ago. These vintage paper napkins feature Happy 1968 in colors of white, gold and black on white napkins that measure 9 1/2 inches by 9 3/8 inches. Made by Contempo, there are 16 to the set. They are old stock, new in package, never opened and in excellent condition. See them on eBay auction by clicking the images above! They are brought to you by Vintage Clothesline ( ) and our eBay ID, gooddeal4all.

So, what happened in 1968? Well, Twiggy was hot in the fashion world. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated as was Senator Robert Kennedy, the Civil Rights Act was signed and the Vietnam War continued to rage...the first men orbited the moon, the Olympic Summer Games were held in Mexico City, Andy Warhol was shot, Elvis became a Dad, Jackie Kennedy marries Onassis and Pope Paul VI banned the use of the Pill.

Make that New Year's Party a vintage 60's one and have fun with these napkins! Will also be great a great gift for the collector of paper memorabilia.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Do You Like White Gold and Diamonds?

Then we have three rings on eBay auction. All of them are 14K White Gold.

As some of you know, Vintage Clothesline only puts fine jewelry on auction around the Holidays and they will not be relisted! They are just beautiful and I wish my pictures could do them justice. Click each image to go to the listing.

The first is an Estate Mens 14K White Gold Diamond Ring...

Estate 14K White Gold Mens Diamond Ring Band

Then a 14K White Gold Princess Diamond Engagement Ring..

14K White Gold Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

and then a matching 14K White Gold Princess-Cut Diamond Wedding / Anniversary Ring...

14K White Gold Princess Anniversary Wedding Band Ring

More to come as we continue our once a year fine jewelry sale!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

American Sportswear Workshop June 23 - 25, 2008

Vintage Fashion Guild trade member, Lizzie Bramlett of , will present the second workshop of the VFG's 2008 series beginning on Monday, June 23 and continuing through June 25. If you have never attended one of Lizzie's workshops, then you are in for a treat. A retired teacher and avid vintage sportswear collector, Lizzie invites all attendees to have their sportswear questions ready and even scan their photos of vintage sportswear to share during the event. It is a free workshop on the VFG's public workshop forum.

(picture provided and more can be seen in our California Apparel Creators article)

Here is the Agenda:

June 23-25: American Sportswear

Monday, June 23: The workshop will start with a brief historical overview and go on to discuss bathing suits.

Tuesday, June 24: Lizzie will explain how sportswear evolved in private situations, such as women's colleges and summer camps.

Wednesday, June 25: Day three will be devoted to active sportswear (tennis, bicycling, golf, hiking, skiing) and how active sportswear spilled over into the everyday lives of women. Sportswear greats, such as Claire McCardell, Carolyn Schurner and Tom Brigance, will be mentioned.

Additional VFG workshops are planned in August, October, and December, so stay tuned!

VFG 2008 President

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Summer Vintage Clothing at Vintage Clothesline

I have so many fantastic things to list but I have been on an extended vacation. Well...give a girl a break!

Finally have some new summer items listed on my website so check it out at or click on any picture for the link and a brief description.

50s Vintage trompe l'oeil Faux Lace Print Full Summer Dress M 40s Vintage Red Seersucker NAUTICAL Swing Summer Dress POCKETS B 39 L

60s Vintage Safari Khaki Stripe Shift Dress M 60s Vintage Pink Plaid LIBERTY CIRCLE Skort Dress Playsuit Shorts S M

50s Vintage BLUE SEERSUCKER Full Skirt Summer Sun Dress S M

More soon...I promise!

Friday, June 06, 2008

If Vintage Fashion Labels Could Speak

If you are a lover of vintage clothing, seller or collector, then I am sure you have ran across the Vintage Fashion Guild's Label Resource. It is packed full of thousands of labels to reference your vintage clothing, along with bios of designers.

Lovingly tended by Lizzie of and with the assistance of Tiffany, pinky-a-gogo, this resource which began in about 2002 with contributions from vintage enthusiasts world-wide, has grown in size and recognition.

A plus for Lizzie in this administrative undertaking is many times being contacted by family members of late designers and companies. She was fortunate enough this week to be contacted by Robert Colman, son of Alex Colman, the California based fashion label, and to have Mr. Colman answer some interesting questions about this company. See Lizzie's interview with him at her Vintage Travel Journal. has had several Alex Colman labeled clothing items and now has a wild print 70s vintage palazzo pants/skirt now on our website...

Be sure to read the interview and check out Alex Colman labeled items on sale now by many of our VFG trade members.

(Side note: As president of the Vintage Fashion Guild for 2008, it is always nice to "toot the horn" about some of our most dedicated volunteers and Lizzie and Tiffany are some of the best!)

Friday, May 09, 2008

I Remember Mama

Mom, as we are nearing Mother's Day, 2008, my thoughts turn to you. I'm writing this to you today in hopes that heaven's mail system is better than the one we have down here.

You constantly amazed me, Mom, with your energy and untiring love. How could you do so many things at one time? You were always drying a tear or finding me a playmate, taking me to scout meetings, making hot soup when I was sick, hemming a dress...

Teaching me to...respect your elders, wipe your feet, do unto others, say your prayers, don't get wet, wipe your nose, kill them with kindness, pretty is as pretty does...

And later in life all your little sayings...if it was meant to be, it was meant to be; that's why they make chocolate and vanilla; tighter than Dick's hatband; beauty is only skin deep..

Sometimes I took you for granted but you never complained and was always there for me. Mom, you enriched my life in so many ways. Your strength, patience and most of all love will always be remembered.

So, on this Mother's Day, Mom, I want to thank you for giving me life and being there when I needed you. You may be gone but not forgotten and you live in everything I do.


(my mom, Earlean, on left in photo above, with her sister)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bathing Suits & Body Paint...60's Style

To Bare or Not To Bare Is No Longer The Question

In 1967 girls weren't worried about the effects of the sun on the skin. They wanted that bronze tan and would go to extreme measures to achieve. During that year, bathing suits became more daring with popping cutouts strategically placed for provocative tanning. Water-based paints decorate the body and hair goes wild with dynel tresses pinned to the hair. Yes, you may call these wide-open-space-suits...

Also seen in 1967 was the higher cut on the leg for a longer, leggier look. Colorful, large, op-art earrings were a must to wear.

...Just another Blast from the Past from Vintage Clothesline. Visit Us at

**Pictures from Look Magazine, Feb. 7, 1967